Life Apocalypse

Your 21-Day Life Apocalypse



Welcome to your very own Life Apocalypse! Yes, after the year we just had, it’s only appropriate that each of us reevaluate who we are and where our lives are going.  Are you?:

  • Unsure about the rest of your life plan?
  • Drowning in the negativity and divisiveness of our time?
  • Desperately seeking what you were made for and why you were put on this planet?
  • Hoping to discover what legacy impact you can leave this world when you’re gone?
  • Hopeful for your future; yet unsure how to fulfill the destiny you dream of?

“Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime’s work, but it’s worth the effort.” - Mister Rogers


When you get your head right, everything else falls into place. After 2020, are you thinking positive, or not? It's time to get your head on straight to look forward.


You've worked for how long in a job you don't really like? Your lifestyle is driven by money and obligations? It's time to figure out how to change that.


When you get up every day and go to work are you creating any kind of positive impact on the world? 


What were you made for? What is the reason you were put on this planet? Might be time to discover that so you can leave with a legacy in place, no?

HI, I'M JIM...

2020 was a blast, right? You’ve got your own story; here’s mine. In 2020 I got colon cancer. I had surgery and had a fist-sized cancerous tumor removed, and then did chemotherapy to make sure it was gone forever. Prognosis? I’m alive, and not going anywhere health wise. (Cross fingers).

But even before Cancer, and this pandemic, I was already drifting mightily into a severe mid-life crisis. 2020 just hyper accelerated it by warp factor nine. In other words, 2020 was the biggest MINDF#$% possible. It rocked me to my core.

So I’m making a change. I’m throwing out 25+ years of my personal brand. I’m dumping everything I know a lot about which is marketing and branding and online business building. I’m throwing it all away. POOF! Right in the trash.

Can you do the same? Are you ready to do the same? Or at least just consider the possibility of it? If so, sign up for your 7 day life apocalypse free training.

Take this journey with me and others like you. In the training we’ll cover a new topic every week, with an actionable exercise for you to follow through (or not) each week.


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