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One day you woke up "older" and realized a few things...

Now what?

What is my legacy?

Have I made an impact?

Can I be truly happy?

Is my lifestyle possible?

How much time is left?

Do you know what people want most
when they have 30 seconds to live?

 The same thing everyone wants:

They want time, and they want to know their life counted for something.

That they had an impact to not just their kids and family and friends, but also to the world.


"Apocalypse means revelation!"

A Life Apocalypse is an important transitional moment, self-imposed or not, that changes the direction of your linear predictable life. 

Hi, I'm Jim

Despite living a wonderful, privileged life I sometimes do feel like I slept walked through 48-years of it. 

Then I woke up in 2020 to a global pandemic and colon cancer. Talk about a mind F$#%, right? 

Every day I talk to struggling "older" folks about things like legacy and death and lifestyle and life purpose. They all tell me the same thing. That after this pandemic they want to do things differently. They want to live, and think differently. They understand that the world could literally end any day now.

Life Apocalypse came into my head one night from a chemotherapy fever dream. I dragged my body down to my office at 3:37am and wrote 24-pages of thoughts about my life and journey. Then passed out.

The next morning I read through it and realized that I had indirectly used my cancer to develop a new life mission.

That's when I wrote down the following words that have become my guiding principles.


These are the words that make up a Life Apocalypse to me. And as you can see from the tattoo on my wrist (to the right) I am dead serious about these words. Yes, that tattoo is real!

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Jim Kukral Life Apocalypse

"The way I see it, inevitably, eventually, everyone is going to have some kind of life apocalypse." - Jim Kukral




Nothing is going to change until you get your head right. The first step is believing. Humans aren't going to take action unless they believe in a favorable outcome. 


You've worked for how long in a job you don't really like? Your lifestyle is currently driven by money and obligations? It's time to figure out how to change that.


Wake up, go to work, work out, eat dinner, watch Netflix... Is that what drives your life? The "wash, rinse, repeat" life cycle? Ever thought about what impact you are creating for your family and the world? There's got to be something that drives you, right?


What were you made for? What is the reason you were put on this planet? Might be time to discover that so you can leave with a legacy in place, no?



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