Your Very Own Life Apocalypse:

How to create intentional impact, purpose and legacy before you die

Jim Kukral, Life Apocalypse, 216-272-4383

2020 created the greatest shift in mindset and human behavior that the world has ever seen. Because of that, the majority of humans on this planet have been awakened from their previous linear, safe, predictable lives, and thrust into a new, almost apocalyptic world where life and living has become more fragile and unpredictable. This new reality has us questioning things like life purpose, legacy and what kind of impact we are creating during our short time here.

A life apocalypse is an important transitional moment, self-imposed or not, that changes the direction of your linear predictable life. Ready to experience your very own life apocalypse? This inspiring, and thought-provoking message comes from a 25-year self-made, retired lifestyle entrepreneur who survived a near death sentence of colon cancer in the middle of a global pandemic. 

"Jim Kukral’s introduction of me before my keynote was smart, funny and well done. I was impressed and he made me laugh."

Mark Cuban, Shark Tank

Learning Objectives:

  • Mindset. Lifestyle. Impact. Purpose: The four-part framework to creating your very own Life Apocalypse
  • Discover the step-by-step plan for creating intentional impact and purpose/legacy
  • Take-away five real actions to apply immediately that will change your mindset and help you create the lifestyle you desire


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